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YouTuber 'Exploring the Nug' goes on solo missions to solve cold cases. You won't believe what he finds deep in lakes and rivers. He's going viral for his latest video.
Shawn dives into the insane and explosively growing world of NFTs with a collector named PackPhour. They discuss how to understand what NFTs are, what The News Junkie is planning to do with NFTs and the future of this exciting breakthrough technology.
Dr. Dena Grayson is a medical doctor, a scientist and an expert on infectious diseases. She tells us how to avoid the Coronavirus, different dangers to avoid, what it does to your body and more. Dr Grayson also sounds the alarm on things we're doing wrong in our battle against the virus.
Jim Faherty took a call that would change his life forever. On the other end, his godfather told him he had a million dollar winning piece in the McDonalds Monopoly contest. Jim tells his story as the HBO hit show McMillions continues to draw in viewers every week.
The Impractical Jokers have soared to popularity since their show debuted nearly a decade ago on Tru TV. James Murray has been a constant source of laughs on the show as well as on the game show The Misery Index. As the Impractical Jokers celebrate their 200th show and a movie hitting theaters this week, James Murray joins me for an episode of The News Junkie: Interviews.
Darryl Payne is one of the most experienced dog trainers in the United States. He's changed lives for dogs and owners alike because he knows a great deal about these great animals who have certainly earned the title Man's Best Friend. But what do dogs see? What do they do when you're at work? Do they remember things? Do they understand time? We'll answer all these questions and more as we find out just how smart dogs are on The News Junkie: Interviews